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Is Handling HR Overwhelming?

Hand off your workload to Combined’s team of HR experts, who can help you overcome the hardest obstacles and experience the relief of having skilled support to assist you with regulatory compliance, employee management, policies, procedures, and more.

Employee Relations

Engage and align your workforce from hire to retire with a customized employee relations management strategy and comprehensive support.
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Compliance Assistance

Stay one step ahead of ever-changing state and federal regulations with our compliance service developed to safeguard your policies from falling behind.
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Benefits of an Human Resources Management (HRM)

The fundamental payoff of an HRMS is having all your workforce information in a central repository. That lowers compliance risks, provides a rich data set to inform decision-making, helps keep employees engaged and makes HR professionals more productive and their processes more efficient.

Let’s dig into the top business benefits of an HRMS.

Better, deeper insights

Without an HRM, employees and managers create data in various places, from spreadsheets to expense apps to paper records, making it impossible to gain a comprehensive view of workforce costs.

Improved employee engagement

An HRMS is invaluable in developing and retaining talent—something HR leaders are passionate about. Within an HRMS, HR can create training curriculums, personalize learning plans and career paths and set up mentorships.

Human Resources Management Features

As with broad functionality, HRM feature sets can vary widely from provider to provider, and cobbling together multiple products may limit the overall system. HR, IT, finance and other stakeholders should carefully assess which of these HRM features are must-haves for the company.

Talent management

Enables HR professionals to develop and evaluate employees via performance reviews, goal management, and competency and skills test administration.

Time and attendance

Delivers the ability to process time-off requests and manage time-off balances, employee scheduling and absence management and enables timecards to be integrated with payroll and projects.

Learning management

These features are designed to help employees acquire or develop skills through course administration, course and curriculum development, testing and certifications. Also enables companies to roll out and track required compliance training.

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